School Teacher Bullying a Special Needs Student on Video

“I will kick your ass from here to kingdom come until I’m 80 years old”, said Steven Roth to his 15 year old student with special needs. Shocking video of a teacher bullying his student caught on tape.

Childhood bullying is not only a problem between children, it is also a problem between adults and children. Often these adults were themselves a victim of bullying at some point in their childhood. Bullying is contagious and be passed on from parent to child, from sibling to sibling, from classmate to classmate and so on. Something must be done to break the cycle and proliferation of childhood bullying. the national media has given bullying more attention lately and our government is trying what it can to help. Harsher penalties are being given and more education is being given on the subject. The video below is disturbing and really hits home how deranged and sick some people are and how bullying is a serious problem that we and our children all face.

15-year-old special needs student Julio Artuz is bullied by his teacher. According to ABC News, Artuz had already informed his parents that his teacher was abusive to him. His parents didn’t believe him and his father stold him to prove it. Thats exactly what young Julio did when he decided to video tape his teacher calling him a “tard”.

Childhood Bullying

Martial Arts helps teach children to stand up for themselves and gives them leverage against childhood bullying. Technique and martial skills necessary to defend oneself against a bigger and stronger opponent are certainly important, but more important is building a child’s confidence and self esteem. Confidence and self esteem are not developed quickly. It takes time and mentors that know how to instill it properly which is exactly what Baltimore Martial Arts provides.

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Baltimore Martial Arts has a top notch kids martial arts program that is perfect for helping children develop self confidence, self discipline and the courage to stand up against big bullies. We have heard countless stories from our kids and parents about how they thwarted big bullies in their schools and in their neighborhoods. Instructor and owner Gary Berger draws form his own experiences as a child and teaches his students the lessons that he learned as a kid learning martial arts and how martial arts helped him against big bullies and childhood bullying.

Childhood Bullying

For more information on {Childhood Bullying}, {Childhood Bullying} you can contact us at: Baltimore Martial Arts Academy 6565 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD 21228

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