Kids Win Again at Junior Grappling

Baltimore Martial Art’s Junior Brazilian Jujitsu Competition Team recently attended the Junior Grappling Association Tournament in Virginia Saturday May 28th.

Junior Grappling Tournament Virginia 2011

Competition Team AA Trophy for Baltimore Martial Arts

Baltimore Martial Arts had seven competitors enter into the Junior Grappling Association Tournament held in Virginia last Saturday.


Our junior competition team has been on a roll winning the AA team trophy award five out of the last six tournaments. To win the AA team BJJ trophy award you must have between 7-12 competitors. Points are awarded to a team based on individual place finishing. More points are awarded to advanced competitors. Special trophies are given to competitors that achieve the most submissions and/or have the most matches. Several of our kids have whom these trophies on numerous occasions. Justin Pyle Junior (center) once had 18 matches in one day.

Junior Grappling is a special Brazilian Jujitsu tournament in that it offers kids many divisions in which to compete and gives them many matches throughout the day. There is gi, no gi, boys, girls and boys / girls divisions. The format is double elimination which means a child wrestles until they lose 2 matches or wins their division.

At the end of the day our kids were very tired. In the picture above only a few stayed to receive the team trophy, but given that it was Saturday and many families had to drive 2 hours to get back home for Memorial Day it was understandable.

Baltimore Martial Arts next junior BJJ travel tournament will be at the Good Fight in Baltimore on June 8th.

Baltimore Martial Arts now has a junior wrestling program. Classes are held every Tuesday 4:30-5:30. Anyone is invited to attend or try a free class. Wrestling skills are very helpful to a BJJ competitor especially in no-gi grappling. Our kids demonstrated this at the last Junior Grappling tournament.

kids brazilian jujitsu tournament

Junior Grappling Virginia 2011

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fosters the competitive spirit in children. Winning and loosing is a part of life and BJJ helps kids cope with these challenges. Good sportsmanship is also practiced through team participation and showing courtesy and respect to one’s opponent. If you would like to introduce your child or children to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, give us a call to schedule a free consultation and free class.


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