Teenager at Baltimore Martial Arts named Battalion Honor Cadet

teenager brazilian jujitsu

Ben - Navy Sea Cadet and BJJ Student

A mother’s letter concerning her son’s accomplishments at Navy Sea Cadet School and how his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training at Baltimore Martial Arts has helped him.

A quick note regarding Ben’s first training (Seaman Recruit Training) which he just completed on Saturday. Ben was named Battalion Honor Cadet (highest achievement for all of the companies of recruits), was awarded the Academic Excellence Award for scoring the highest on the written exam and tied for first in their final run of 9.2 miles in a time of 75 minutes. He also excelled in his other Physical Readiness Testing. While we certainly know that much of what he brought to the table came from the training received at his Division, we also recognize how the physical and mental/emotional training he’s receiving at the Baltimore Martial Arts Academy played a huge part in his success. Many thanks to you and your staff for your excellent work with the students.

Best regards,
Bonnie Pilkington

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